Female Hormonal Imbalance 2

Today, let me share about

” Negative Effects of hormonal imbalance on our body cause “ 

“What I am consciously doing every day to balance my hormones.”

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Negative Effects of hormones imbalance

As I mentioned, the hypothalamus is the control center of the endocrine system and regulates and manages the autonomic nerve. If we are stressed out too much and keep continuing stress for a long period of time, our hypothalamus can’t manage its function.

Because various hormones are also secreted from the hypothalamus, symptoms such as the following can also appear when dysfunction occurs.

1: We can’t regulate our body temperature

2. We can’t manage our appetite (such as Eating disorders and overeating, and During dieting, one may become unable to resist food cravings, leading to a breakdown of self-control and a tendency to overeat.)

3. Abnormal Sleep-Wake Cycles

4. No Periods, unbalanced periods, Infertility, and so on

5. We can’t manage our mental balance. such as easy to get angry, and feel blue.

6. Metabolic disorders may occur, making it easier to gain or lose weight.

Eliminating the source of negativity is important, but it can be challenging to do so entirely. Thus, it is crucial to make an effort to minimize the root cause of stress and to focus on maintaining a balanced hormone level.

What I am consciously doing every day to maintain a balanced hormone level.

The idea is not to directly balance hormones, but rather to eliminate the things that disrupt hormone balance and incorporate things that are beneficial.

Meditation… I’ve been doing this every day for about 2 years now.

Improving and enhancing my diet… It’s not just about having a balanced diet, but also about how to consume the right nutrients for my brain at the optimal time. My mental state at that time is also very important, and I imagine the nutrients to function well in my body, skin, mental state, and brain. My visualization begins with my daily meals.

People who are not good at visualization can improve by continuing to meditate. I was originally good at visualization, but after incorporating meditation, things have progressed more in line with my visualization.

Exercise in moderation… Doing too much of anything is not good, and it can add more stress to the brain. Exercise naturally has a positive impact on the body and brain, but doing too much can actually disrupt hormone balance.

In my case, I incorporate exercise into my daily life, so I don’t have to go to the gym (because I don’t like it).

And I, as an individual who prefers to be alone, like to focus on doing things alone.

Stretching and massage… After exercising, the muscles need to be relaxed and warmed up. When the body is tense, various things won’t go well.

It means, By loosening and warming the body, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes activated and you can Relax.

Eliminate unnecessary information… such as not watching SNS or news, avoiding irrelevant information, and not listening to rumors.

Live by your own perspective …, Avoid being influenced by others’ opinions, rumors, and word of mouth. It is necessary to always focus your awareness on your own heart and intuition.

I Steer Clear of Tasks I Don’t Enjoy… This may vary for each individual, but since childhood, I’ve always disliked group activities. I prefer to dine alone or in one-on-one settings, and I never join girls’ gatherings. This remains the same wherever I live. I have OCD and if I put pressure on myself or endure, it will surely disrupt my hormone balance and worsen my rheumatism.”

I’m not saying Girls’ gatherings are bad. It’s just that I can’t help but feel that way. When I listen to my inner voice, I really can’t stand it. In the past, I used to force myself to attend, but now I wonder why I did so.

What is particularly important?

・・・・・Everything is important!

I think everyone has different areas they need to focus on and strengthen, so if you feel like there’s something missing in your life, try to focus on improving that area.